Saba closes an agreement with Districenter to acquire 51% of the stake in Geever
Last mile  

Salvador Alemany will chair the Board of Directors of the last mile logistics company

In its desire to continue expanding its mobility offering and to be part of the solution for reducing urban pollution and road congestion, Saba has reached an agreement with the logistics company Districenter (Holding H. Condeminas) to acquire a stake in the operator Geever, which specializes in last mile deliveries, and currently has warehouses in five Barcelona car parks in the Saba and Bamsa network, with plans to soon increase this to nine.

Saba will acquire 51% of Geever's stake in the company, through an initial capital increase. Following this new shareholding distribution of Geever, the company's Board of Directors is chaired by Salvador Alemany (Saba), Jordi Archs (Districenter) is the vice-president, and Pere Roca (Districenter), its Chief Executive Officer. It has two members, Xavier Álvarez and Joan Viaplana, representing Saba, and Carlota Masdeu (Saba), as Non-Director Secretary.

The president of Saba and Geever, Salvador Alemany, and the Chief Executive Officer of Geever, Pere Roca, announced the breakdown of this operation at a press conference in Barcelona today. For Saba, it’s about continuing the car park model that it has been promoting for years: hubs for sustainable urban mobility services, taking advantage of strategic locations in city centres, its capillarity and non-stop service to work as an agent that’s integrated in the policy and in the chain of mobility of people (electric vehicles, carsharing, single-person mobility), as well as goods (last mile).

Currently, Geever operates in 39 locations in Barcelona, of which 17 are public car parks (Saba, Bamsa and BSM) and 22 are storage spaces, with a future projection to consolidate a network based solely on car parks, with 60 locations or distribution microhubs. On the same note, the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Geever have underlined that the company's growth plans include staff reinforcement in order to tackle the development plans, the company’s infrastructure (industrial units, sorters and sustainable vehicles) and expansion process in other cities, after growth in Barcelona in an initial phase, prioritizing Saba car parks.

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