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Saba began its activity in Italy in 1999 and the company has established itself over the years as a benchmark operator, also acquiring a significant role in dialogue with government authorities. The examples of these public-private partnerships in carrying out viable, sustainable projects show they contribute greatly to reactivating the economy.

Constant improvements in car park network operation and the deployment of new technologies are priority objectives for Saba in Italy, with the implementation of Telepass, renewed control systems and car parks connected to the Customer Service and Control Centre (CSCC). Similarly, progress has been made in business digitization, driving the sale of 100% digital products through the e-commerce web.

One of the success stories in mobility projects is the company’s undertaking in the Italian city of Perugia. Saba conducts comprehensive management of the underground car parks and metered parking area, with a total of 4,000 parking spaces. Thanks to an agreement with the City Council, Saba incorporates all the advanced automation services available. Among these are optical and cloud technology, parking meters with number plate identification, locating sensors on streets to regulate the historic centre, mobile payment or Telepass and publication of occupancy data in real time. In short, Perugia has become a Smart City from the mobility point of view.

Of the latest operations stands out the San Martino car park in Genoa, inaugurated in 2022, after two years of construction in a project undertaken by Saba. The car park has 422 parking spaces spread over 5 underground levels. This is one of the country's leading medical centres, with more than 5,000 employees and 1,400 beds. Saba was also awarded in 2022 with the lease contract for the Cola di Rienzo car park in Rome, with 110 parking spaces, and the concession for the car parks at the Cattinara Hospital in Trieste, with 166 parking spaces.

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