Adif awards Saba the operation of its car park network for the next 10 years, with a further 5-year extension

The contract includes 55 stations and 23,000 parking spaces in 49 cities, which can be increased to 64 stations and 30,700 parking spaces in 55 cities

Saba has been awarded the Adif tender for the operation of the car park network at AVE and long-distance railway stations. This is the renewal of the main off-street car park contract in Spain for the Group, together with the Bamsa contract, the public-private company that Saba shares with Barcelona City Council, which includes 26 car parks and nearly 12,000 parking spaces.

The contract, which will begin on 31 July, has a 15-year duration (10+5 years extension), covers the current 55 railway stations and 23,000 parking spaces in 49 cities, and will be further extended to 64 railway stations and 30,700 parking spaces in 55 cities when work on stations such as Sagrera in Barcelona and Chamartín in Madrid is completed.

The operation is part of the Group's strategic objectives, considering its contribution to the car park perimeter, both in terms of size and presence, as well as the impact on results. Saba will invest more than 50 million euros in this project.

This project incorporates the latest developments in digitalisation, marketing, and service quality, focusing on the customer: an improved web platform and e-commerce App, with a larger product portfolio, and the upgrading of the payment terminals in the car parks, which enhance the user experience. These are digital ‘kiosks’ where you can buy products online or find the vehicle in the car park by using the number plate, among other services. In addition, Saba will continue to promote and reinforce strategic business initiatives in the Adif network, such as the Ticketless service, with access and exit using the number plate, associated to a payment method, both in subscribers and in short stays.

Another major focus of the offer is the investment in photovoltaic panels and electric recharging points. The Saba group currently has nearly 500 charging stations in Spain and more than 1,200 in all the countries where it operates. This deployment is one of the company's strategic commitments since 2018, in line with Saba's concept of a parking facility: a hub of sustainable services for people, companies, and goods.

In the last mile area, Adif car parks will also respond to the new needs arising from e-commerce and micro-distribution, facilitating the creation of proximity micro-hubs within car parks, as well as the installation of lockers located in car parks with 24/7 access to collect online purchases.

Saba is thus demonstrating its ability to renew contracts, in this case, linked to a strategic sector in Spain, such as the railway one, and to undertake highly competitive processes. This is an operation with a great industrial fit that will allow the Group to achieve operational synergies and maintain the territorial perimeter of Saba's car park network while maintaining its position as a benchmark operator in Spain.

10 years of experience

Saba has been managing this car park network since 2014 when it was awarded the Adif tender at the time. Over the past ten years, Saba has driven the transformation of these car parks, both operationally and commercially, with innovation and sustainability as its strategic pillars. Substantial improvements have also been achieved for customers who use the Spanish railway network for their journeys. Now, while always placing the customer at the centre, the Saba group is taking on the new challenge of managing sustainable urban mobility in this area of railway stations.

Saba is present in 183 cities in 9 countries (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Andorra) and manages 356,000 parking spaces in 1,079 car parks. It has a workforce of 2,176 people.

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