Saba reaffirms its commitment to electric vehicles with the deployment of 51 charging points in Italy
Electric vehicle  

The company strengthens its partnership with Enel X Way after jointly electrifying its car parks in Spain and Chile

Saba and Enel X Way, the Enel Group company dedicated to electric mobility, have launched one of the largest infrastructures for charging electric vehicles in car parks in Italy. This project includes a total of 51 charging points in 17 Saba car parks.

The chargers installed, called Waybox, allow charging with a power of 7.4 kW. Three of these chargers have been installed in each of the Saba car parks involved in this partnership. The infrastructures are already operational and can be easily booked by users through the Enel X Way app, allowing drivers making short stays to charge their vehicles on a pay-per-use basis.

With this step forward in the electrification of the company's car parks in Italy, Saba aims to offer electric vehicle users the opportunity to recharge in the best locations in the country. This will contribute to the development of sustainable mobility and meet the growing demand for charging points.

Car parks are a great opportunity to offer electric charging infrastructure, for all vehicles, private, shared, and fleet, in the different modalities – fast and semi-fast – and for all needs, whether they are isolated demands or for subscribers; in cases where the car is in the car park overnight or while its owner is at work.

This is an important strategic commitment for Saba, a service in which the company has been innovating since 2018. With more than 600 charging points in six countries, the company manages one of the largest networks in the sector, with the capacity to respond to the future of the electric automotive industry.