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Market leader in hospitals and rail

Saba’s entry into the United Kingdom in 2018 represented a consolidation of the company’s long-term project, bringing coherence to the roadmap set out to position it as a first-class international benchmark.

Saba manages around 110,000 parking spaces in the United Kingdom, spread over 474 car parks in 34 towns and cities, mostly located in the south-east of England, making it a leading operator in the country, especially in the hospital and rail sectors. Expanding territory for Saba represents a qualitative leap of the first order and a notable improvement in Saba’s car park business portfolio.

Saba sets itself as a comprehensive operator offering services to design and implement a full range of car park solutions. English infrastructures are leaders in innovation and quality of service. Saba works to improve digital processes continuously to offer a quality service to its customers. With the offer to both local councils and private clients, the strategic plan is clearly based on expansion, maintaining the current portfolio and improving profitability.

The latest high-profile operation in the UK is the five-year contract award to manage the station car parks of Transport for London, the public body responsible for most of London's transport network, including the Underground, buses, taxis, trams, and some train lines. The contract includes the management of 79 car parks, totalling 10,720 parking spaces, all barrierless, making it easier for vehicles to enter and exit the car park.

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