What is Saba?

About us

Saba is a leading industrial operator specialising in car park management. The company works to adapt its city infrastructures to customers’ new habits of consumption and to respond to the latest trends in sustainable urban mobility. It has a network of car parks converted into mobility hubs for people (electric vehicle, sharing), companies (dynamic solutions for fleets) and goods (sustainable last-mile distribution).

It has a workforce of over 2,000 people, is present in 179 cities in nine countries in Europe and Latin America and manages 950 car parks and 333,379 parking spaces.

Car parks are part of the solution to the challenges cities are facing today: road congestion, COemissions, coexisting modes of transport, supersaturation of public space and growing e-commerce, among others. They are key pieces in urban mobility and also contribute to progress in the places where they are located.

Saba, with over 50 years of history, differentiates itself through its lines of action: technological innovation, digitization, operational efficiency, business transformation, focus on growth and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Annual Report 2022
Sustainability Report 2022

Mission, vision and values

Saba is inspired by and bases itself on its Mission, Vision and Values to establish the guiding principles for management throughout the Group.


To provide solutions to the need for sustainable mobility, offering car park availability and complementary services to customers.


To be an international leader in the car park and sustainable mobility services sector, while becoming a benchmark in service quality, innovation and technology.


The main values underpinning company management are: focus on results, continuous improvement, innovation, trust in people, commitment, customer service and proactivity.