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The location of the company’s origin and base. Currently managing over 180 car parks, it is present principally in city and town centres and at essential focal points for mobility. It has achieved great capillarity this way in the domain in which it operates, and so plays an active part in its growth and progress.

Adif, the Spanish railway infrastructure operator, is one of the large accounts in which Saba strives to play an active commercial role. It has managed all the parking spaces at the operator’s railway stations since 2003.

Efficient, sustainable mobility is Saba’s firm commitment to contribute to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The car park is the central axis of this proposal, offering intermodal transport and putting an end to heavy traffic by promoting smart point-to-point travel.

Car parks are understood as service hubs, fully integrated into the city’s mobility policy, a Smart Parking solution becoming a fundamental piece in the construction of Smart Cities. New technologies guide and drive all this: number plate reading, QR identification and charging system, VIA T implementation, 100% digital products on the website and the App, among others.

The offer of value-added services is as broad as each customer’s needs. So, Saba has 300 electric car charging points at its facilities, car sharing services, e-commerce lockers, 3G coverage in car parks and micro-distribution spaces, after the entry into the capital of the last-mile operator Geever. All of this is aimed at operational excellence and customer service, with the help of the Customer Service and Control Centre (CSCC), which represents a key element in managing requests from all communications channels and managing car parks remotely.

Among the latest operations, stands out the awarding of the concession contract for the Muelle Delicias car park (270 parking spaces) in Seville and the agreement for the remodelling and improvement of the Plaça d'Europa car park in Platja d'Aro (Girona), a project in which the company has invested 1.8 million euros. Thanks to this refurbishment, the infrastructure has been equipped with an electric car charging pool powered by a canopy of photovoltaic panels.

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