Saba launches #ByeByeStereotypes on International Women's Day 2024

The company wants to put an end to gender stereotypes with a campaign that seeks the participation of its customers in eight countries

Gender stereotypes are an all too normalised everyday occurrence. Saba wants them to disappear, and for International Women's Day 2024, the company has deployed a campaign in different car parks in eight countries for its customers to help eliminate them.

The initiative, also running on the Group's digital channels, is called #ByeByeStereotypes. Saba's customers can help eliminate such outdated messages with sexist connotations such as “Women can't drive", "Women don't know how to change a tyre" and many others that women today still have to hear in their everyday lives.

Gender inequalities are one of the great challenges that require the commitment of people and companies. Saba promotes gender diversity through positive actions such as promoting the professional careers of its female employees, developing the pool of female talent, and attracting and retaining the Group's female potential.

Actions such as #ByeByeStereotypes aim to focus on the unequal treatment that society still gives women in 2024. Crumpling up a piece of paper with a stereotype, although it may seem trivial, it is an initiative that brings us a little closer to equality thanks to the visibility of sexist and discriminatory actions.