Saba reinforces its mobility offer for people and goods in its car parks, converted into urban hubs for sustainable services

It promotes the electric vehicle and last mile deliveries, having reached an agreement with the logistics company Districenter to take a shareholding in the operator Geever

In its desire to continue expanding its mobility offering and to be part of the solution for reducing urban pollution and road congestion, Saba has reached an agreement in principle with the logistics company Districenter (Holding H. Condeminas) to take a stake in the operator Geever, which specializes in last mile deliveries, and currently has warehouses in five Barcelona car parks in the Saba network, with plans to increase this to nine.

During the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, held today in Barcelona and online, the President of Saba, Salvador Alemany, and the CEO, Josep Martínez Vila, announced this operation, which will culminate in the next few weeks, and which continues the car parking model that Saba has been promoting for many years: hubs for sustainable urban mobility services, taking advantage of strategic locations in city centres, its capillarity and non-stop service to work as an agent integrated in policy and in the chain of mobility of people (electric vehicles, carsharing, one-person mobility), as well as goods (last mile).

En este mismo capítulo del impacto derivado de la última milla, el Consejero Delegado de Saba ha explicado que Saba contribuye a la cultura de la recogida de las compras por Internet en taquillas de e-commerce, que también permiten la devolución de las mismas, reduciendo el tráfico en el centro de las ciudades y la contaminación, en línea con la microdistribución sostenible. Saba ofrece esa solución con una oferta actual de 40 lockers en aparcamientos de España (Pudo, Amazon), Reino Unido (Amazon) e Italia (Inpost).

In terms of the 2020 balance sheet, and although it is clear that Saba’s salient figures were been greatly affected by the pandemic, resulting in a net loss, the company has maintained an operating income of 198 million euros (down 34%) and a positive EBITDA of 72 million euros (down 48%). Similarly, as a result of the health crisis, Saba's short-stay business was 47% below that of 2019, while the number of subscribers was 15% lower than in the previous year.

Among the new projects, the CEO of Saba highlighted the overall management project of municipal car parks in Portugal and the regulated zone of Viseu, and the Picoas Plaza shopping centre. Similarly, the purchase of technology operator Clicpark, with more than 54 locations in the Czech Republic and eight more in Slovakia. In the United Kingdom, the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust hospital car park management contract and, in Germany, the car park in Bergedorf (Hamburg) and the agreement with Vivantes, Germany's largest municipal hospital operator to operate car parks in 8 hospitals in Berlin. Finally, the management contract for the Clínica Alemana in Chile and the construction of the Genova Benzi car park in Italy.

Press Release JGOA 2021