Sustainable urban mobility

Service hub for people

Car parks are an essential traffic management element and a necessary resource to implement a multimodal efficient transport model in our cities, in line with the sustainable development goals in all metropolitan areas.

Technological advances have enabled infrastructures such as those of Saba to multiply their service capacity to the city and to citizens and to transform it into the instrument that resolves the balance between two fundamental rights: the individual mobility right and the citizen’s right to a quality urban space and to improve mobility efficiency with the reduction of agitation traffic.

What can Saba contribute within the vision of a car park as a mobility service hub?

  • Favour sustainable mobility with an extensive offering of mobility services.
  • A frictionless customer experience, thanks to entrance, exit and digital payment methods (reading of registration plates, OBE or QR).
  • A web platform and App with 100% digital products adapted to each customer.
  • High-quality customer services thanks to the Care and Control Centre, in which a service is provided to over 400 car parks in four countries.
  • The provision of voice and data coverage at all our car parks and on all our floors enables us to provide a better-quality service.