Sustainable urban mobility

Car parks
as an urban
hub for goods

Saba is convinced that it can help in the management of a more sustainable Last Mile Logistics (LML). To achieve it, it envisages two lines of action: the creation of proximity goods distribution microhubs and the massive deployment of e-commerce product collection and delivery lockers.

How? By taking advantage of Saba’s unbeatable car park locations in city centres. It is a firm proposal that requires the commitment of municipal and supramunicipal institutions so that, together with private operators such as Saba, but also many others, what has become the main mobility problem in modern cities can be reverted.

Experience Last Mile Logistics (LML) at Saba: 10 locations operative in Spain and Italy

Saba undertakes to ensure that its car parks serve as small micro-distribution hubs from where packages can be distributed on foot or with personal mobility electric vehicles.

Governments must tackle a situation which is worsening daily with the electronic commerce boom, taking advantage of already existing city infrastructures, such as car parks. Their location in densified areas, together with their opening 24h/365 days a year, provides them with a significant role to tackle the pollution and congestion caused.

The impact of LML in large cities

of emissions
of congestion
growth in demand in last mile distribution (in 2030)