World Environment Day 2024

A solution to mitigate Saba's carbon footprint through the sun

Since 1972 and under the auspices of the United Nations, World Environment Day has been celebrated every 5 June. A celebration that is an opportunity, a contribution to a better future. Especially for future generations.

In this line, Saba wants to open new doors to this future, such as installing photovoltaic or solar panels on the roofs of surface car parks. Sustainability and efficiency. Two vectors on which the Group's actions are based and which make it possible to obtain maximum performance from renewable energy while generating electricity from a clean source.

The operating model for these facilities varies depending on the country and the needs of the car park (with or without connection to the grid, self-consumption, batteries that accumulate energy, etc.). Saba currently has 6 infrastructures of this type implemented in three of the Group's countries (Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom).

This is only the first step, an initiative with a long way to go and which forms part of Saba's vision of its car parks: hubs of sustainable mobility services for people, companies, and goods.

And this is how we will continue, always opening doors to a sustainable future.